Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who is this guy? - No Depression

Who is this guy? - No Depression Aaron Lee Tasjan

I've been aware of Aaron Lee Tasjan and his music for the past year or more through myspace. I've been to a few of his shows and I have a couple of his original tunes on my ipod. Every time his song, "My Camera" pops up I smile knowing he is, alphabetically, number one out of thousands of musicians on my ipod; his song continues to hold up and keeps getting better and better upon each listen.
He writes, he plays and plays and plays..and does it looking like he's having a ball and as easy as riding a bike. He has started a "super group" named the Madison Square Gardeners; they've been playing a regular Monday night gig at The National Underground, on the lower east side of Manhattan.
Since he and his band mates play late at night (his regular Monday night gig begins at 11 ish...)
those of us who have day jobs have to keep our eyes open for 8 o'clock gigs.

I'm glad that this No Depression blogger picked up on this phenom. I know Aaron looks young, but 23!
He seems like an old soul.

Also, I stole his ~vibes~ signature, way cool.

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